Case 1: Pathology

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Excellent work, your patient tolerated the kidney biopsy well. It’s the morning afterwards and your pathologist shows you this H&E stain.  Click here if you want some quick pathology tips.

Which of the following do you see below (more than one answer may be correct!)
Endocapillary proliferation with obliteration of the capillary loops
Correct! We can no longer visualize the capillary lumen due to endothelial cell proliferation.
Neutrophils within capillary loops
Correct! Multilobed neutrophils are visible within the capillary loops.
Podocyte effacement
The podocyte structure is best visualized under electron microscopy, not light microscopy.
Subepithelial deposits
Subepithelial deposits are best seen under electron microscopy, not light microscopy.


Click here to look at more stains (your pathologist says it will take 1-2 days…) that might help you narrow down your differential diagnosis once you’re ready!

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