NephSIM Nephrons

Apply for the 2022 Program here (by 11/30)!

What is NephSIM Nephrons?
The goal of the year-long NephSIM Nephrons virtual mentoring program (January – December) is to provide tailored nephrology learning experiences for trainees, stimulate interest in nephrology among medical students and residents, and provide mentorship and networking opportunities.

Trainees will be assigned small groups (“Tubules”) with 2-3 NephSIM Nephrons Faculty Members. The group will meet throughout the year and each Tubule will have the opportunity to work on a Faculty-Mentored Case to be published on NephSIM. All trainees will be invite to participate in monthly virtual educational events and career panels.

Who can apply & how?
Medical students, residents, or anyone who has not yet started Nephrology training. Apply for the 2022 program here (due 11/30/21)!


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