Case 3: Additional Testing

In addition to managing this patient’s hyperkalemia, which one of the following is the best next step?
 Kidney/Bladder Ultrasound
 Excellent choice! What do you see here? What therapeutic intervention would you do now to help this patient? Click below to move on and get this patient feeling better!
Additional Serologies
Hm, looks like no additional serologies were ordered. Want to try another test?
Abdomen/Pelvis Computed Tomography
The CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis is unremarkable except for the findings below. While this test may help us identify our patient’s condition, we may have been able to avoid exposing him to radiation. Try again!
Kidney biopsy
Ouch! The risk of the kidney biopsy may outweigh the benefits in this case. Let’s try to identify a higher yield, less invasive test!
 Abdominal mass biopsy
 You call your colleagues in General Surgery to figure out the best approach for a biopsy. They perform a physical exam, and while they do feel a palpable lower abdominal mass, they advise you to reconsider your differential diagnosis. Let’s try again and think about what this mass could be before we stick a needle in it!

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