Case 17: Physical Exam

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Vital Signs: Temperature 99°F, Blood Pressure 252/159 mmHg, Heart Rate 107 beats/min, Respiratory Rate 15 breaths/min
General Appearance: Appears comfortable, lying on stretcher
HEENT: Pupils equal round and reactive to light, mucous membranes moist, papilledema is noted on fundoscopic exam
Lymph: No lymphadenopathy
Cardiovascular: No JVD, regular rhythm, no rubs/murmurs/gallopsstethoscope
Pulmonary: normal respiratory effort, lungs clear to auscultation bilaterally
Abdominal: Soft, nontender, nondistended, normoactive bowel sounds, no hepatosplenomegaly
Extremities:  +2 pitting edema in lower extremities to shins, bilaterally
Neurologic: Awake, alert, answers appropriately, cranial nerves intact, muscle strength normal and equal in all muscle groups
Skin: no rash, warm, and dry

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