Case 12: Physical Exam

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Vital Signs: Temperature 98°F, Blood Pressure 160/95 mmHg, Heart Rate 85 beats/min, Respiratory Rate 14 breaths/min
General Appearance: In no acute distress
HEENT: Normal conjunctiva, no scleral icterus, moist mucous membranes, clear oropharynx
Lymph: No lymphadenopathy
Cardiovascular: No JVD, regular rhythm, no rubs/murmurs/gallopsstethoscope
Pulmonary: Breath sounds normal bilaterally, no rales/rhonchi/wheezes
Abdominal: healed abdominal scar, no tenderness, soft, non-distended
Extremities: warm and well perfused, no peripheral edema of extremities
Neurologic: Alert, oriented x3, no focal deficits
Psychiatric: Calm, pleasant
Skin: Warm, dry, no rash

What’s at the top of your differential diagnosis in this patient? Choose 3 before moving on!
Pre-renal acute kidney injury
Obstructive nephropathy
Acute interstitial nephritis (AIN)
Adenovirus nephropathy
BK nephropathy
Acute cellular rejection
Antibody mediated rejection
Bladder cancer
Renal cell carcinoma
Urinary tract infection
IgA nephropathy
Membranous nephropathy

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