Case 10: Physical Exam

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Vital Signs: Temperature 99.2°F, Blood Pressure 115/75 mmHg, Heart Rate 85 beats/min, Respiratory Rate 14 breaths/min
General Appearance: In no acute distress
HEENT: Normal conjunctiva, no scleral icterus, moist mucous membranes, clear oropharynx
Lymph: No lymphadenopathy
Cardiovascular: No JVD, regular rhythm, no rubs/murmurs/gallopsstethoscope
Pulmonary: Breath sounds normal bilaterally, no rales/rhonchi/wheezes
Abdominal: Hypoactive bowel sounds, distended but soft, diffuse tenderness to palpation with voluntary guarding, PD catheter site clean without erythema, fluctuance, or induration
Extremities: warm and well perfused, no peripheral edema of extremities
Neurologic: Alert, oriented x3, no focal deficits
Psychiatric: Calm, pleasant
Skin: Warm, dry, no rash

What’s at the top of your differential diagnosis in this patient? Choose 3 before moving on!
Peritoneal catheter exit site infection
Biliary colic
Ischemic colitis
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Urinary tract infection
Acute coronary syndrome
Small bowel obstruction
Encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis

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